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Walker Angered Over Twitter Stalker
More Storms Ahead For Dundrum Sea Wall January 16, 2013| Posted by | Comment on More Storms Ahead For Dundrum Sea Wall Comment

DOWN District Councillor William Walker has urged people to be cautious with social media applications after someone set up a Twitter account and tried to assume his identity.

“This is an extremely dangerous, irresponsible and silly thing to do given the current political climate. Images have been taken from other sources on the internet and a Twitter account set up. Although at this stage it looked harmless, the potential for abuse was clearly there.

“I do not have a Twitter account and do not intent to set one up. It all just seems so easy for someone to set up an anonymous account on some of these social media platforms. I would therefore urge my political colleagues and anyone else who may have a ‘Willliam Walker’ Twitter Follow to block it immediately and report it to Twitter as an abuse. This matter has already been reported to Twitter.”

Good practice on social media should include anyone adding their name and contact details to any account set up for accountability purposes.