Two Rescued From Yacht By Bangor Lifeboat

Bangor RNLI rescues two people on an 8m yacht which broke down in Ballyholme Bay

Bangor RNLI rescues two people on an 8m yacht which broke down in Ballyholme Bay

Bangor RNLI came to the aid of two people on Sunday after their 8m yacht broke down in Ballyholme Bay.

The volunteer crew were requested to launch their inshore lifeboat by Belfast Coastguard at 1.21pm to assist two people on a 8m yacht with engine failure.

The crew launched the lifeboat helmed by John Bell and with crew members Kelly Clarke, Kyle Marshall and Glenn McMahon onboard at 1.30pm.

They made their way to the casualty vessel in nearby Ballyholme Bay. The weather conditions were good, with clear visibility and an easterly wind of Force 3-4.

Bangor lifeboat in action.

The two men onboard who were on a day leisure trip got into difficulties when their yacht suffered engine failure.

The men dropped the anchor to secure the yacht.

However, as the anchor was dragging and the boat was drifting towards the shore, they required help and raised the alarm.

On arrival, the crew assessed the situation and observed that the men were safe and well and both were wearing lifejackets.

A decision was made to a secure tow line and bring the vessel back to the nearest safe port at Bangor Marina.

On returning to the lifeboat station, Bangor RNLI Helm John Bell commended the lifeboat and shore crew involved and said: ‘Today was a very satisfactory rescue and the volunteer crew are delighted to have been able to help the two men involved.

“We would encourage everyone planning a boat trip on the water to ensure your engine is well maintained.

“And always carry adequate tools and spares to fix any problems you encounter and ensure you have enough fuel for your journey.’