The Action At The Pigstock Festival In Killinchy

“The event is run over two days and has a main stage where everyone gathers on the final night. There are another two tented stages where bands perform in too. Overall this system works well giving the rock fans a great variety of styles to take in. We even had a tent for stand-up comics and poetry readings. “The Pigstock is still a relatively small festival by rock standards and we are trying hard to grow it year on year. This year we have over 1000 campers in the camp site alone which is brilliant. Many stop over for the two days and make the most of it. There are restaurant outlets on site, toilets, and also a bar. We have a strict ‘no alcohol to be brought in’ rule which prevents any order difficulties this may cause. The event is also professionally managed and stewarded. “As the face of the music industry changes because of the effect of the Internet, recording companies have less control over the music industry, and people can now see their own local bands on websites. It  is this local following that they have that we are gathering up. Most bands have their supporters and followers and the Pigstock line-up has just brought many of them together from across the country. “The Pigstock Festival will always run on the last weekend in May. We run much of our marketing off our Facebook page and are keen to use Social Media to develop it so its gets off the ground again to greater heights again next year,” added Jonathan.