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A Winter Blog By Helen Hastings From Downpatrick

Helen Hastings ruminates about Winter In one of my previous blog posts on Down News, I documented my love...

Helen Hastings Blogs On Swimming In The Irish Sea

Helen Hasting speaks on her experience in salt water swimming which she says clears her mind of worldly matters and touches on...

Helen Hastings Reflects On The Words Of Poet Sylvia Plath

A mental health blog which touches on the minds of creative people and reflects on late poet Sylvia Plath.

Helen Hastings Blog #4 Says Covid Is Real Not Conspiracy

Down News blogger Helen Hastings tells of her experience with Covid-19 last December and survived, and now slams conspiracy theorists for their...

Helen Hastings Mental Health Blog #3 – Loving Winter

A mental health blog on loving winter by Downpatrick Down News writer Helen Hastings. Anyone who knows me...

Tasty Treats From Winter Foraging For A Night By The Fire

Well folks, it's that time of year and the Christmas season is upon us! A large, rotund man with...

Another Helen Hasting’s Mental Health Blog…Read On

Helen Hastings writes about life's journeys and touches on the American poet Bukowski who lived a chaotic lifestyle.

Helen Hastings Chats To A Local Forager About Berries

Helen Hastings chats to forager Alison McGrenaghan about collecting berries in the wild and provides some tantalising recipes to make your tongue...

Alison McGrenaghan Talks About The Uses Of Elderflower

Down News contributor Helen Hastings interviews experienced forager Alison McGrenaghan about the uses of Elder Flower, a common tree in local woodlands....

Magnus Vikings Finally To Settle In Downpatrick

The Magnus Vikings Association based in Downpatrick are almost ready to open up their new period settlement close to the county town...

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