Friday, December 3, 2021
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David Boden Writes A Blog On The Power Of Words

David Boden is Down News blogger who lives in Castlewellan who was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome when he was younger and shares...

David Boden Chats About Lockdown And Mental Health

Down News writer David Boden from Castlewellan describes how he feels after a long lockdown and touches base with colleagues at Pop...

A View Of Aspergers Syndrome From The Inside

Castlewellan man David Boden writes about his thoughts and experience of having Aspergers Syndrome. In today's society, there are...

David Boden Chats To A Newry Woman About Mental Health

Phillipa Sterrit chats to Down News writer David Boden about mental health issues, lockdown and the arts.

Castlewellan Man David Boden Discusses The Arts

David Boden from Castlewellan expresses his views to Down News about the arts and what the arts mean to him.

Castlewellan Man David Boden Talks About Aspergers

A feature written by David Boden (39) from Castlewellan, who was diagnosed in his late teens with Aspergers Syndrome which is a...

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