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Tasty Treats From Winter Foraging For A Night By The Fire

Well folks, it's that time of year and the Christmas season is upon us! A large, rotund man with...

Alison McGrenaghan Chats About Autumn Foraging

Alison McGranaghan, expert forager from neqr Downpatrick, chats to Helen Hastings about the exciting natural harvests growing in our countryside.

Alison McGrenaghan Talks About The Uses Of Elderflower

Down News contributor Helen Hastings interviews experienced forager Alison McGrenaghan about the uses of Elder Flower, a common tree in local woodlands....

Alison McGrenaghan Forages For Alexanders At Coney Island

Helen Hastings writes on food in the coronavirus times and chats to top forager Alison McGrenaghan. Isn’t...

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