Storage Facilities Avaliable At Down Business Centre

Business Centre’s £300,000 investment in new storage development

Business Centre’s £300,000 investment in new storage development

Down Business Centre has unveiled a new £300,000 property development aimed at helping local businesses to free up space within their operations.

The facility will also benefit community organisations, sports and social clubs, and householders.

The new ‘Box Clever’ compound, located within the Centre’s site at the Belfast Road Business Park, comprises 25 fully insulated former shipping container units.

The container units can be leased on flexible short or long-term arrangements for £27 per week.

The containers have been modified to provide dry-proof foam insulation, power supply, and secure locking mechanisms.

Announcing the opening of the new venture, Mr Michael Morrissey, the Centre’s chairperson, said the organisation had identified the need for flexible storage provision in the area some time ago and had committed to the significant investment required.

Down Business Centre chairperson, Mr Michael Morrissey, and property manager, Mrs Karen Branagan, help to load one of the new storage containers at the ‘Box Clever’ compound.

He added: “We believed it was essential for us to meet the growing need for space and to provide a low-cost solution to help ease the pressures faced by businesses and the local community.

“We are confident that the units going at £27 per week will suit a wide range of storage needs.

“Only recently we started taking bookings at the beginning of the month and already 12 of the units have been snapped up.

“As expected a number have gone to local businesses but others have been secured by sports clubs and community organisations as well as a few to householders keen to make space in their homes.”

Mrs Karen Branagan, the Centre’s property manager, said she was keen to see a mixed use of the storage units and urged any interested users to get in touch as soon as possible.

She said: “The early indications are that this facility will be a popular choice for individuals and groups, as well as businesses.

“We expect demand to be high so an early viewing of the site is recommended.”

The units are located at a special compound within the Business Centre site.

The area is floodlit and has full CCTV coverage. Access for users is on a 24/7 basis with month-by-month leasing acceptable alongside longer-term letting.

A unit at the Box Clever facility costs  £27 per week, which includes VAT, electricity and rates.