St John’s GAC Supply Volunteers For Local Community


As part of the Executive Committee’s ongoing efforts to plan for the possible needs of our surrounding communities in these dire times, we have drawn together a list of club people in each town land who are willing to support anyone that requires food or prescriptions collected, who are  unable to do so themselves writes Sarah Cunningham.

The following list of contacts is by town land.

Cormac McMullan 07871 373381. Wood Road.

Vince Arkins 07860 831419. Clonvaraghan.

Una Savage 07873 235633. Cushla Savage 07935 112676. Joe Savage 07534 307269. Aodhan Morgan 07549 285029. Curly Morgan 07821 381510. Slieveanisky & Ballywillwill. 

Grainne Feenan 07549 020025. Ballylough Road/ Murphy’s Close.

Sarah Cunningham 07787 872526. Ballylough Road/ Murphy’s Close. 

Jimmy Laverty 07763 357210. Dunturk & Drumnaquoile. 

Alan Henderson 07738 166588. Dunmore/Edendariff

Maureen Ward 07793 066146. Drumnaquoile & Claragh Road.

Micky & Karen Flynn 07764 755348. Drumaroad. 

Kevin Rogan 07855 841867. Guiness.


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