Shannon Concerned At Sewage Issue At Finlay’s Road Near Strangford Lough


dn_screenJim Shannon, MP for Strangford, has called for NI Water to take action to alleviate the “awful stench” from Strangford Lough at Finlay’s Road.

He said: “These last two weeks there has been an awful smell in the area and when the tide is out the smell really lingers and hangs in the air. I have been contacted by local people and those who use the road every day.

“With the muck building up and the warm weather setting in, it’s got to the stage now that local residents and businesses can’t even open their windows to enjoy the summer as the smell is so strong.

“It seems to be a problem every year and that would indicate that it is a long-term problem and thus one that NI Water would need to get to grips with. When the tide is full the smell dissipates but when the tide is out the stench can really destroy a lovely day.”