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Shannon Backs Children’s Book Week
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Jim Shannon MP has joined with the British Heart Foundation to support Children’s Book Week.

He said: “What an amazing idea that Children’s Book Week should be promoted and that all children should have access to books.

“I know that my children and now my grand-children just love books initially at my knee and their mother’s knee and in playgroup looking at pictures. and then on to learning the words and opening a whole new world in school.

“This love of books when instilled in children stays lifelong and I think it is a wonderful thing what the schools do to encourage children to dress as favourite characters and make reading exciting in school.

“Every child has an insatiable hunger for knowledge and they just need encouraged in this and it is sad that there are some children in Northern Ireland that don’t have access to books and therefore it is imperative that the eagerness for reading is enhanced and that books are accessible for all from an early age.

“The British Heart Foundation are involved and the range of books from as little as 75p in their charity shops which are as good as new is a great way of opening the minds of children to this tremendous new world,” added Mr Shannon.