Shannon Addresses Issues With Equality Commissioner

Jim Shannon MP has meeting with Equality Commissioner

Jim Shannon MP has meeting with Equality Commissioner

Strangford MP Jim Shannon has thanked Equality Commissioner Geraldine McGahey for a positive meeting addressing a key issue in his constituency.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon has met with the NI Equality Commissioner.

Mr Shannon said: “We met to discuss the difficulties with the under achievement of Protestant boys which is something that I have raised at Westminster in the Commons numerous times.

“It is good to know that it is on the radar of the Equality Commission as well. They have launches consultation documents on this subject, and I would encourage people to take the time to respond to ensure that we can work together and find a way forward to address the inequality of outcome for young Protestant men in my Strangford area.

“Another topic that we discussed was that of the difficulties facing our pensioners. Many need are confronted by the inequality that they face in their ability to pay the bills, and again there is a piece of important work being done on this matter too which I encourage people to feed into.

“Often we read the outcomes of reports and disagree with the findings, but we haven’t taken the time to be part if the process and give our views and our story.

“Now is the time to do this and I thank Geraldine and her team for flagging this up with me and look forward to seeing how we can do things differently and achieve different and better outcomes.”