SDLP Welcomes Positive Steps On Rock Pool

SDLP says NI Water have made positive steps on the future of the Newcastle Rock Pool

SDLP says NI Water have made positive steps on the future of the Newcastle Rock Pool

The SDLP’s Colin McGrath MLA and Mourne’ds Councillor Laura Devlin have said that positive steps have been made to address the ongoing concerns at Newcastle’s historic Rock Pool.

They have welcomed an inter-agency meeting, which took place recently.

The South Down MLA has said: “Since being elected in 2016 my commitment to the Rock Pool has been unwavering.

“I know that this has been the case with Laura as well. 

“I have raised the issues the Pool faces in the Assembly (when it was sitting) and pressed the former Finance Minister Conor Murphy MLA on the need to support the Rock Pool. 

“It is not rocket science. Supporting the Rock Pool helps support the essential tourist produce and heritage of Newcastle. 

Mournes Councillor Laura Devlin pictured with South Down MLA Colin McGrath at the Newcastle Rockpool. The SDLP has welcomed progress on re-opening following a meeting with NI Water and the NIEA.

“I know the pool has been beleaguered with issues and has not been open in the last four years. 

“Every effort must go into addressing these issues and getting it reopened on a sustainable basis.”

Mr McGrath said: “What we have seen is that it is through this bringing of bodies together that we get clear answers.

“Laura and I will continue to do this and ensure that Council are doing everything they can to get the issues with the Rock Pool addressed.

“This is what the public gets with public representatives who are committed to addressing their concerns and getting results. That is what the SDLP will continue to do.”

Councillor Devlin added: “I have been working hard over the last number of years to work alongside the Council and fellow Councillors to see the Rock Pool re-opened. 

“One of the issues which we have encountered was the capacity of the wastewater treatment works (WWtW) to cope with the showers and toilets at the Pool. 

“Colin and I recently organised a meeting between NIEA and NI Water to discuss these concerns.

“I am delighted to say that NI Water have updated us that following works at the WWTW, that the showers and toilets can now be covered by the works. 

“This is a huge step forward to getting our beloved Rock Pool open for the public once more.

“We knew that the redevelopment and reopening was not going to be straightforward and challenges still remain.

“But I will continue to lobby and push for the project, as it’s one that remains very close to my heart.”