SDLP Welcomes Clear Up At Omniplex In Downpatrick

Rubbish Build Up Near Omniplex But Staff Are On Furlough.


Rubbish Build Up Near Omniplex But Staff Are On Furlough.

South Down SDLP MLA Colin McGrath and Councillor John Trainor have welcomed a clean up outside Downpatrick Omniplex following discussions with the organisation.

Mr McGrath said: “It’s quite shocking to see the level of rubbish which is being discarded here. When one bin has filled up, for instance, people are clearly still trying to stuff more into it.  

The area outside the Omniplex cinema in Downpatrick has been well cleaned up but dog poo bags are still being left at the bin.

“Given that all Omniplex staff are furloughed at the minute, this means they are not in a position to empty these bins and clean up around the complex. If they did they would be in breach of the law.  

“Therefore, I have engaged in a number of discussions with them to address how we can assist here and prevent any further rubbish being dumped.

Mr McGrath added: “I’d just like to remind everyone that the vast majority of the public are adhering to the social distancing guidelines and showing the necessary respect for their neighbour and for businesses who are in a very difficult spot.  

“From here on let’s keep up the ability to keep our towns and social areas clean and ensure that we are not creating added work for anyone.”

Councillor Trainor also said: “Through our discussions a number of ideas were floated, and what the management company have agreed to, is for regular litter picks to be carried out here in the interim that will not affect any of their staff who are currently furloughed.  

“I think it is incredibly unfair for the organisation to have to foot the bill for other people’s attitudes given that they are not open at the moment.  I would appeal to everyone to consider their actions when going out to potentially dump large deposits of waste – household or otherwise.”