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Roads Service Must Keep Loughinisland on Agenda Says Hazzard
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SOUTH Down MLA Chris Hazzard has called on local Roads Service officials to “keep Loughinisland on the agenda”  in order for as much needed road safety provisions can be delivered as possible in future.

South Down MLA Chris Hazzard with Ballynahich Councillor Mickey Coogan in Loughinisland.

Speaking at a site meeting with Roads officials in Loughinisland, the local Assemblyman said he was “disappointed that funds were not available for Roads Service to begin work on a footpath immediately, but I am content that the authorities will keep working in the background to ensure future monies will be invested accordingly.

“Roads Service have thankfully agreed to complete two separate technical assessments in forthcoming weeks to evaluate the need for a crash barrier around the edge of the lough; and the need for a footway along the Loughinisland Road.

“They have also agreed to work with their Street Lighting section to consider the need for an upgrade of street lighting along the road at various stages.

“Coupled with these assessments, I welcome a commitment from Roads Service to upgrade existing warning signage and to cut back hedges from the road side in order to enhance the safety of pedestrians.

“I understand that in times of economic recession various departments have to be mindful of budgets, but there can be no doubt that investing in the safety of our community is vital and I would hope that Roads Service will bear this in mind for Loughinisland in the weeks ahead.”