Ritchie Calls For Ombudsman to Deliver On Report For Loughinisland Massacre

“I had a detailed meeting with the Ombudsman and his senior staff regarding Loughinisland. He informed me that his intention is to publish his report on the week beginning May 9th. He also confirmed that the latest delay in its publication was not because of new information received but about due diligence issues. “I told him that the repeated delays left him exposed to the perception that he’s being strung along by those who did not want to see the report published and were deliberately drip-feeding him information. “I made it clear to him that there are issues of confidence around his office which were only exacerbated by any further delays or failure to report on the week of May 9th. “I look forward to the publication of the report which I hope will bring closure and justice for the families.”]]>