Ritchie Applauds Blackwater Pupils On Upcoming Trip To Westminster


Margaret Ritchie, South Down MP, met students from Blackwater Integrated College in  Downpatrick today on their way to Westminster.

dn_screenSpeaking after the meeting with the students, Ms Ritchie said:  “I was delighted to have had the opportunity to meet this morning with some of the pupils travelling to Westminster this Friday.  It is very important that schools actively encourage their pupils to get involved in citizenship, political developments,  and politics,  and trips like these to Parliament in Westminster offer an opportunity to young people to see at first-hand how the UK Executive works and how the House of Commons holds the Cabinet or Executive to account for its legislative proposals on a wide range of topics from the European Union referendum to Health, Education and International Development matters.

“Blackwater College along with many other schools throughout South Down are leading the way in terms of pupil engagement and learning through such school trips to Westminster.

“School trips offer a wonderful opportunity to engage students with political systems and also to introduce them to London which has a pivotal place in global commodity markets and world commerce.   I was delighted to meet with Morgan, Bailie and Michael this morning.  Undoubtedly with the educational direction provided by Blackwater Integrated College, they and their school colleagues will be able to be better informed and nurtured to become important figures in our future society in Northern Ireland”.