Ritchie And Curran Demand Improvements At The Belfast Annacloy Road Junction


Margaret Ritchie MP and Councillor Dermot Curran have demanded that the DRD Roads Service undertakes improvements at the Belfast/Annacloy Road junctions to ensure that proper road safety measures are in place.

[caption id="attachment_49236" align="alignleft" width="350"]South Down MP Margaret Ritchie with Councillor Dermot Curran have demanded improvements to the Belfast Road-Annaclot Road junction. South Down MP Margaret Ritchie with Councillor Dermot Curran have demanded improvements to the A7 Belfast Road-Annacloy Road junction.[/caption]

Margaret Ritchie said today: “Following renewed representations to Roads Service, I have been informed that they are currently considering a range of options for the A7 Belfast Road with the B2 Annacloy Road Junction which would be aimed at improving road safety and traffic progression.   A number of design options are to be investigated further with a view to providing an improvement scheme which meets the design standards and provides value for money.

Roads Service have also told me that work on this should be completed later this year to allow it to be considered for inclusion in the next Minor Works Programme for the Council area.   It is vitally important that Roads Service give this junction where some serious accidents have happened urgent consideration.   A scheme must be brought forward to improve this important arterial route and junction”.

Councillor Dermot Curran said: “This junction witnesses much traffic going to and from Belfast and to and from Annacloy and Ballynahinch. Considering the level of traffic that this road carries; the number of pedestrians that now use this section of the roads and adjoining footpaths for recreational purposes, it is vitally important that Roads Service bring forward as soon as possible their proposals for inclusion in the Council’s Minor Works.

“Both myself and our  MP Margaret Ritchie will be pushing this scheme forward to ensure that the highest possible road safety standards are put in place by Roads Service”.