Retiring Police Officers Urges to Explore Educational Opportunities


THE Police Rehabilitation and Retraining Trust (PRRT) is urging former police officers and those planning to retire in the County Down area to explore the range of subsidised academic courses starting in September.

Through the PRRT Training and Education department’s part-time academic courses, retired and serving police officers can gain an accredited second or third level qualification in their chosen area that can enhance their career opportunities.

Glenda Martin, Head of Training and Education at PRRT, said: “Thinking about the future can be daunting, particularly when moving on to something relatively unknown.

“However, to succeed in a new career it is essential to equip yourself with relevant skills and up to date qualifications. That is why all training offered through PRRT is designed and developed specifically for police officers meaning we can provide the teaching time, support and knowledge required for clients to effectively approach an alternative profession.”dn_screen

In April 2013 PRRT, which is based at the secure Maryfield Complex in Belfast, celebrated its ninth graduation ceremony for students and applications are now open for 2013/2014.

Glenda continued: “Our facilities allow students to learn in a secure, tranquil environment, whether they are seeking an entry qualification into teaching, an access course to university, law or management qualifications, or a BA or BSc degree.

“We also offer the opportunity to take or re-take GCSE English and Maths qualifications.

“Having at least a second level qualification is really important when pursuing employment, particularly self-employment. Re-taking GCSEs and filling your CV with recent qualifications is impressive to prospective employers as it shows a commitment to personal development and the industry.”

D. Craig, a retired police officer who graduated from PRRT in 2013 with a University of Ulster Advanced Diploma in Management Practice qualification, said: “The support received from PRRT was invaluable in helping to, not only further my education and develop new skills, but also in gaining confidence and most importantly, it has assisted me in securing a job in a new profession that has helped me to enjoy my life outside the Police Service.

“The tutoring team were extremely professional and approachable which definitely made the prospect of returning to learning much less daunting! Studying with my peers also made the process a lot easier and it actually felt like a natural progression.

“I’m extremely glad I took the chance and reached out for support when looking to change my career path. Not only have I progressed professionally but through PRRT I’ve had the opportunity to meet more people and was able to maintain a super social life and family life throughout my part time studies.”

The varied range of training courses available at PRRT, which is a Non Departmental Public Body of the Department of Justice, are part funded for serving officers who intend to leave the service within ten years, retired officers, medically retired officers and RUC GC and PSNI widows.

However, there are a number of self-funding options available for immediate family members, police support staff and non-eligible serving officers, who wish to undertake training at PRRT.

Glenda continued: “The important thing for officers to remember is that they do have options after the Police Service and don’t have to approach the future alone. The PRRT Training, Education and Career Coaching team is fully committed to encouraging personal development and delivering quality training to our clients.”

Enrolment is now open for 2013/2014 academic courses, which can be viewed at

Those interested in enquiring about their eligibility for the courses or to apply should contact the PRRT Personal Development Department on: 028 9042 7788 or