Protection Bond Call By McAleenan For Vacant Properties

That the Government forms a register of all housing developments which are approved by Planning but not suitable for adoption by DRD and that a Protection Bond is held to cover all eventualities.” Councillor McAleenan said, “When a builder applies to the relevant statutory authorities for a housing development, he/she takes out a bond with the Roads Service.  This bond ensures that the developer brings the infrastructure within the site up to a suitable level – a level which would allow the Roads Service for example to adopt the roads within the development into the public road network, thus taking over their maintenance, upkeep and their complete responsibility.   However many builders have received, and continue to receive, planning permission on the condition that the infrastructure will never be adopted.  Measures should be put in place to deal with such situations at the time of the granting of planning permission. “These developments are causing huge problems across Down District and further afield. If a street light goes out within this type of development – who is contacted?  If a hole forms in the road, who is contacted?  And lastly, if a member of the public were to fall on a broken kerb, who is contacted? “I understand that individual management companies deal with queries such as these. However many residents in these developments are not equipped with the relevant contact details.  This problem is exacerbated when the issues in one unadopted development start affecting that of a neighbouring development. “There has to be policies and procedures in place for dealing with such issues, as they have become much more common in recent years. “It is imperative that a register is complied and updated – a register which is mandatory.  Such a register would contain emergency contact details for the persons responsible for the development in the absence of a statutory agency.  We do not want to be faced with a network of deteriorating roads like there was in days gone by- this simply cannot happen.  It is up to the relevant authorities to work together to ensure that this situation does not spread and deteriorate further.” she added.]]>