Positive Covid-19 Case Of Staff Member At Shimna College

Staff Member Confirmed Positive with Covid-19 at Shimna Integrated College


Staff Member Confirmed Positive with Covid-19 at Shimna Integrated College

A case of COVID-19 has today been confirmed within a school setting in Newcastle causing the school to close with immediate effect and key staff members to self-isolate writes Laura Barr.

Shimna Integrated College in Newcastle emailed parents this afternoon (Thursday 15 October) to inform them that a “key staff member” had tested positive for the virus and as a result the school would not open tomorrow (Friday, 16 October).

In the email, parents were told that those staff members and pupils who were in close contact with the individual have already been informed and will need to self-isolate for 14 days as set out by the Public Health Agency (PHA) guidelines.

Shimna Integrated College in Newcastle where a staff member has been confirmed as being positive when tested for Covid-19.

Principal, Mr Kevin Lambe explained that there was “no need to worry” about the situation if your son or daughter had not been in contact with the key staff members.

He added that because of the requirement for key staff to self-isolate, he would no longer be in a position to run the school safely on Friday and made the decision that the school would close.

In their letter to parents, the PHA stated: “The Public Health Agency has been notified of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Shimna Integrated College community.

“The PHA has worked with the school principal to undertake a risk assessment to identify people who have been in close contact with the case.

“These individuals have been advised to stay at home and isolate.”

Messages of support were posted online on the Shimna Integrated College Facebook page thanking staff who have been continuously working behind the scenes to keep everyone safe and wishing those involved a quick recover.

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