Police Warn On Visiting Tyrella And Murlough Beaches

Crowds On Local Beaches Causes Concern Over Social Distancing.


Crowds On Local Beaches Causes Concern Over Social Distancing

Assistant Chief Constable Alan Todd said: “We have received reports of people visiting Tyrella and Murlough beaches, and Newcastle town in County Down today (Saturday 28th March). 

“The public should be well aware of the advice from our public health partners and the Government about social distancing and movement and, on that basis, we would encourage people not to drive to local beauty spots for their daily exercise as others may have the same idea and social distancing may not be achievable.” 

Councillor Dermot Curran has appealed to everyone to maintain health guidelines and social distance properly in order to control Covid-19.

Newry Mourne and Down District Councillor Dermot Curran also commented and said: “It is absolutely essential for everyone to maintain a proper social distance now as Covid-19 takes a hold. People should not be crowding into public places even beaches where there there is the allusion of space.

“We have got to minimise our social contact as much as possible. I agree with the police who are concerned about the crowds making their way to Tyrella and Murlough beaches. Even our local Ballyhornan and Kilclief beaches should be out of bounds until we have Covid-19 under control.

“We are heading now into the upward spike of this pandemic and it will get very much more serious before it starts to clear up. There may even be a second wave of it and we as yet don’t have vaccines against it.

So I implore veryone to adhere to the best medical advice and simply stay at home. Do not leave unless you are an essential worker, you need to get food, medical help or supplies, or need a daily exercise away from people.

“I am self-isolating like many elderly people. It is difficult I know for many to get through this, but get through it we must.

“Stick to safe social distancing. That is the best method of dealing with this virus. If there is no contact it cannot spread. And if it can’t spread it will die off.

“I hope everyone stays well.”


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