Police Road Safety Operation Scoops Irresponsible Minority


POLICE officers across C District carried out a weekend road safety operation recently as officers continue to focus on road safety.

Over a three night period at the end of August, officers in dedicated patrols carried out a special operation focused on education and enforcement.

psni_appealInspector Warren Mills, who organised the operation, explained: “Road safety is a local priority for us. There has been a worrying increase in the number of people killed on our roads, including seven people killed on the roads in C District alone this year to date.

“While the vast majority of right-thinking people realise that speeding and other offences such as drink driving are unacceptable, there is still an irresponsible minority who ignore all advice and warnings and this operation was aimed at those people who continue to put themselves and others at risk.”

Over the three nights, a total of seven drivers were reported for prosecution for driving without due care and attention and another two drivers were given advice and warning.

A total of 45 drivers were detected speeding, of which three will be reported for prosecution, 14 were given Fixed Penalty Notices, and 28 of which were dealt with by discretionary disposal.

Six people were detected not wearing seatbelts, and there were 15 detections for vehicle defects including lighting offences.

One driver was reported to the PPS for driving without insurance, one was reported to the PPS for driving while disqualified and one was reported to the PPS for driving while using a mobile telephone.

Inspector Mills added: “We will continue to enforce the law to make C District’s roads safer, but our role is very much secondary. It is imperative that all road users take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others. If you speed, take drink or drugs and drive, fail to wear your seatbelt, drive carelessly or dangerously, you run the real risk of killing or seriously injuring yourself, your passengers or some other innocent road user. Help us prevent deaths and injuries on our roads.”