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Newcastle Digital Prodigy Launches Worldwide Learning AppYou Vs The World
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A young Newcastle digital prodigy has launched a worldwide learning App called ‘You Vs The World‘.

Aaron Gibson (21) has designed his games-based learning tool after considerable development and research work, and his company YumPed Technologies is now in top gear rolling out the App into a very interested market.

At just 18, Aaron was regarded as one of the most influential and exciting speakers at the recent Digital Summit where Chairman Rob McConnell heralded him as a ‘prodigy’.

Aaron Gibson, designer of You Vs The World, will be rolling out his App worldwide to  help young people understand  alcohol, drugs and obesity issues.

Aaron Gibson, designer of You Vs The World, will be rolling out his App worldwide to help young people understand alcohol, drugs and obesity issues.

A former pupil of Kilkeel High School, and a role model for the many young people today examining their route ahead in life, Aaron chose deliberately not to take the career route of going into Third Level education and decided on a vocational pathway to achieving his own personal success. “I left school at sixteen with GCSE’s and studied at SERC for a while but I knew exactly what I wanted to do in the world of computing and social media and found an investor in America in Silicon Valley.

“I also received support from a business mentor and a couple of local agencies in Northern Ireland to help accelerate my business growth. To date the project is running at having invested around £200,000. I have built this business from the ground up. And this particular version is useful as it has a dimension for parents to get involved in too making it a broader family experience. - a new app to combat drugs, alcohol abuse and obesity fro young people. – a new app to combat drugs, alcohol abuse and obesity for young people.

“This is a good news story for Northern Ireland,” said Aaron. “I had a vision of what I wanted to do and went for it. Fortunately it was a sound business project. I’m also working on a completely different social netorking project  and hope in the future to be able to launch another first.

“The website, which teaches children the dangers of drugs, alcohol and obesity, is designed to fit into the school curriculum. It has already been accepted into over 300 schools in England, Scotland and Wales with plans to roll it our further in Northern Ireland schools soon.”

Aaron explained that the company has also recently launched a ‘parents’ platform which allows parents to download the game for their children to use at home, with a specially designed Parents’ Interface so they can monitor propgress.

Aaron, who is also in talks with educational authorities in America, said the response to the game has been phenomenal, and added: “Every parent worries about the dangers of the big, bad world. Naturally you will want to protect your children from the dangers of drink and drugs. ‘You Vs The World’ is a new game-based way of teaching them lessons which will be vaulable as they navigate their way through the challenges of growing up, while also allowing them to have fun playing the computer games which they love so much these days.

“You Vs The World understands the important nature of a parent’s role. Because of this, our team of developers have created an interface which parents have access to using a traffic light system where you can control the platform, monitor progress, keeping-up-to-date on all the latest features and give yourself general peace of mind about your child’s health education. The programme comes fully equipped with downloadable guides to help parents on their way.”

“You Vs The World” Parents ‘ Programme has been designed to help children in an effective way. The Parent Programme is aimed at educating aspects of pastoral care from disease control to drug, alcohol and smoking awareness to make sure children can concentrate on being the best they can as well as enjoying their childhood.

“The subject matter and skills to be learned are presented in a playful and exciting way. The young users will be encouraged to get actively involved in having discussions with their parents while having plenty of fun at the same time.

“You Vs The World enables them to learn in a creative and multi-faceted way, using the best technology-enriched learning environment, as well as learning opportunities within and beyond the home. Children will have access to the You Vs The World Parents’ Programme created with them in mind.  You Vs The World is designed for children of all ages. It will alter itself to be as relevant to an eight-year old as a 15-year old.

“Why not sign up today for cmplete access to You Vs The World Parents’ Programme,” said Aaron, “As well as for our mobile and tablet Apps at:

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