Newcastle Community Cinema’s All-Ireland Premier

Come See The All-Ireland Premiere Of Three Day Millionaire in Newcastle

Come See The All-Ireland Premiere Of Three Day Millionaire in Newcastle

Yet another exclusive screening is taking place at Newcastle Community Cinema (NCC).

This coming Friday, 9 December, NCC is thrilled to be hosting the all-Ireland premiere of director Jack Spring’s hilarious new crime caper feature ‘ Three Day Millionaire‘ at 8pm, including a fantastic live Q&A session after the film with the director himself. 

Starring the always-superb Colm Meaney alongside an incredible cast of bright new rising talent, this raucous black comedy tells the story of a gang of young Grimsby trawlermen, who after being unfairly laid off, carry out a misguided heist on the company headquarters – with dependably hilarious (not to mention harrowing) consequences. 

Cleverly touching on ultra-relevant and timely themes such as the decline of British industry, and the ongoing economic impact of Brexit on small, forgotten towns, Spring’s movie moves at a blistering pace as it follows the main party-loving protagonists, as they move through their windfall journey, and the chaos that ensues.

There is a distinct “working-class Anti-hero” atmosphere here, that permeates this rollicking, high-octane indie scorcher, which shamelessly wears its influences on its grubby sleeve, and there is a definite whiff of films such as Snatch, Shaun Of The Dead, This Is England and Trainspotting present throughout this exciting new director’s second feature. 

Irish actor Colm Meaney.

Soundtracked throughout by the earnest, mellifluous music of The Waterboys, Three Day Millionaire is a cinematic breath of fresh air – punky in attitude, and packed with enough super-sharp set-pieces, clever dialogue, and innovative, vibrant direction to satisfy even the most demanding of film audiences.

Despite his young years – director Jack Spring is just 25 – this is an assured, exciting thrill ride of a film, helmed by a powerful central performance by the ever-dependable Meaney, and one that shows a deep, mature understanding of what makes a cracker film, that belies the director’s young years. 

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Film starts at 8pm with the Q&A session following. Doors open at 7.30pm.

This is another exciting premiere exclusive for the Newcastle Community Cinema, who are celebrating their 13th year delivering high quality exciting film to the film-lovers of Newcastle and beyond.