MP Supports Retention Of Bus Services At Brackenagh West Primary School

South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has added her support to the campaign to retain the number of school buses operating at Brackenagh West Primary School, Kilkeel.

Ms Ritchie said: “The proposal by the Southern Education and Library Board (SELB) to reduce the number of buses operating from two to one, and to reduce the number of available seats, is causing distress and concern to the pupils and their parents as new arrangements will have to be put in place.dn_screen

“I have made representations to the Board to outline the special circumstances in this case, including the physical location of the school, the rural roads, which are without street lighting and footpaths, and the increased volume of traffic on the roads, all of which makes it very difficult for children to walk to school.

“In addition, the increased volume of traffic during the school runs will add to traffic congestion in the vicinity of the school, and again this may lead to a dangerous situation with vehicles parked on this narrow road.

“I would urge the Board to consider other options rather than make changes to this vital service,”  added Ms Ritchie.