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MEP Meets the Elderly in Hilltown
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Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said that during a visit to County Down she was impressed with the Hilltown older peoples group and their programme of events to deliver a healthier lifestyle.

Ms. Anderson said: “I was pleased to be able to visit and meet with the Hilltown pensioner group and see how the group has empowered our older citizens to fully participate in community life.

“It is important that older citizens are not isolated and are encouraged to stay fit and well and the Hilltown group is a great example of how we can develop programmes that brings pensioners together for enjoyment, health and education.

Project coordinator Pauline O’Hare added: “I was delighted that MEP Martina Anderson was able to pay a visit today to see the work carried out in the programme.

“Improving health is an important aspect of the EU so it is important that we showcase successes and that funding is made available to expand and get more people involved. At present we are funded through the Public Health Agency and we spoke to Martina about exploring other funding streams to improve our service.

“This programme which takes place every Wednesday at 12pm in the Downshire Arms is designed for people over 50 to come together and develop lifestyle changes, behaviours and attitudes to achieve a genuine focus on health in a fun based way.

“Not only will it design a exercise programme to suit the participants but people will learn about nutrition and healthy eating.”