MCUI (UC) Tarmac Committee Statement

MCUI Statement. IRELAND has produced and continues to produce some of the best Motorcycle racers in the world. Over the past  number of years MCUI(UC) licence holders have competed in America, Asia, Australia, China, Japan, Europe, Isle of Man, mainland UK in British Championships. Not only competing at these events but winning and fighting for World and British Championship Titles and we are very proud of their achievements. We also provide probably the best motorcycle road racing in the world with two International events, the NW200 in May and the Ulster Grand Prix in August, Five National road races and twelve Short Circuit events (Irish Clubman’s and Irish Superbikes) in 2011. Promoting clubs spend 365 days of the year planning for their short circuit or road race events and are made up of volunteers and enthusiasts, Without them motorcycle racing in Ireland would most definitely not happen. Each promoting club endeavours to put on a Race event with competitor and spectators safety as the number one priority but also aspires to promote the event in a way attractive to sponsors for the event and for the competitors to promote their own personal sponsors on the race machines. We do get criticised when things go wrong and maybe rightly so but every club works hard to improving their event year on year. One thing that the Clubs do rely on is the work of the media and press in attending press conferences and photo shoots, event launches, pre and post event reports and results service. Following recent comments made about the alleged irrelevance of the press, the promoting clubs of the MCUI (UC) would like it recorded that we acknowledge the considerable value and work done by the press on our behalf in the promotion of our events, We would also like to continue and build on our already good relationships with the press in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and further afield. We also welcome the views of spectator’s and riders alike on any ideas they may have to help improve events or any other criticism (good or bad) that may help to develop the sport in the future. Contact emails – or Finally the Clubs would like to acknowledge the support of SNI, DCAL and 2&4 Wheel sport steering group for their support in Track and Safety improvements at both Road Races and Short Circuit Venues. As the Road Race season approaches please obey all instructions from the Marshals, stay off the roads between races, stay alert at all times but most of all enjoy the racing. On behalf of the Promoting Clubs, Mark Sanlon, MCUI(UC) Tarmac Committee Convenor & Press Officer.]]>