McGrath Fears Health Cuts Will Harm Patients

McGrath says patients will suffer due to health cuts 

McGrath says patients will suffer due to health cuts 

SDLP Health Spokesperson Colin McGrath has said cuts to the health service due to budgetary pressures will have a negative impact on patients and staff.

He said that the Department of Health is projecting a funding gap of £732m for this year with a wide range of measures being taken by the Department to cut costs.

Colin McGrath MLA.
SDLP health spokesman Colin McGrath MLA is concerned about patients being impacted adversely by budgetary cuts.

South Down MLA Mr McGrath said: “Due to the austerity budget being imposed on us by the Tories, our health service is going to be subjected to severe cuts that will result in a worse experience for patients.

“It will see additional pressure on a workforce that is already at the point of burnout after an incredibly difficult few years, with no financial recognition of their efforts.

“Our waiting lists are already huge and cuts to the funding allocated to address this will result in patients waiting longer for treatment they desperately need, with consequences for both their physical and mental health.

“Cuts to funding for community and voluntary groups will hurt people in communities across the North and actually result in higher demands on the health service without money for these groups that are so often expected to fill the gaps when our health service falls short.

“Civil servants should not be put in the difficult position of having to implement these cuts.

“We should have an Executive and Assembly in place with these decisions left to Ministers, and MLAs with the power to resist such damage to services here.

“We cannot continue down this road unabated. It is completely unsustainable and families deserve better than being continually punished as a result of the DUP’s boycott,” added Colin McGrath.