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McGrath Calls For More Level Playing Field On Playpark Funding
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DOWN District Councillor Colin McGrath, speaking during a Recreation Committee meeting on Monday  18 November on the provision of play areas across the district, has called on Council to assess the level of community provision in areas that are being missed by present funding streams.

Councillor Colin McGrath calls for recognition of areas not in areas of need to have playparks funded.

Councillor Colin McGrath calls for recognition of playpark proposals not in areas of need to be more recognised.

Commenting, the Downpatrick Councillor said: “Many areas in our district are able to access funding as they get priority assess to the money that is available such as rural communities, villages and small towns and areas of deprivation in urban locations. But there are a great many other places that get no provision and have no access to funding pots.

“I have had representations from areas such as Cathedral View, Saul Road, Strangford Road, Malone Heights, and the estates off the Viannstown Road to name but some – all asking for facilities and community resources. I have asked council to give consideration to making money available for schemes in these areas and to assess the support that can be provided for these parts of our District.

“I welcome the fact that many rural communities and areas of deprivation have been able to get funding in the past and would encourage those communities that meet criteria to apply for funding and to use the support network that is available for them, but would like to see Council filling the gap and providing that support and funding for communities that are massive rate-contributors yet appear to be in a facility deficit.

“It is important that we have facilities in all our communities and we must mitigate the concept that only areas in ‘need’ get funding and provide a balance and deliver funding for all.”