McCallister Attends Queen's Visit In Dublin

SOUTH Down Ulster Unionist Party Deputy Leader John McCallister MLA said he was honoured to attend an event in Dublin last week as part the Queen’s historic visit. Mr McCallister joined other political representatives and guests for the wreath laying at Island Bridge during the Monarch’s first visit to the Republic of Ireland. He said, “Who would have thought just a few years ago that this visit would ever have happened. It shows how far we have come, and I was delighted to share in this momentous occasion. “The sacrifice made by Irishmen during the First World War is one that cannot be forgotten by either nation.  The battles that took place in France are a big part of our shared history and it was heartening to see that the Republic of Ireland has finally begun to recognise the sacrifices made by those men.” Mr McCallister added, “I believe that this trip can mark a new era in the relationship between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.  Given our economic, political and cultural links with the Republic, the normalisation of the relationship between the two states is important for future prosperity of Northern Ireland.”