Man Rescued By Emergency Services At Murlough

Newcastle RNLI and RNLI lifeguards assist in rescue at Murlough beach near Dundrum

Newcastle RNLI and RNLI lifeguards assist in rescue at Murlough beach near Dundrum

Newcastle RNLI’s inshore lifeboat, Eliza, and all-weather lifeboat, Leonard Kent, were launched yesterday (Thursday 24 August 2023) to assist a man who took ill on Murlough beach.

At around 1.40pm, Belfast Coastguard requested assistance from Newcastle RNLI.

The RNLI’s lifeguards and Coastguard teams from Newcastle and Kilkeel were already with the man providing medical assistance.

At 1.49pm, under the helm of Lochlainn Leneghan and with crew members Trez Dennison and Ciaran Leneghan, the inshore lifeboat launched and made its way towards Murlough beach.

The decision was made to launch the all-weather lifeboat and at 1.54pm under the command of Coxswain Gerry McConkey, the Leonard Kent launched and travelled towards Murlough to assist. 

Newcastle RNLI responded to an emergency when a man took ill on Murlough Beach and was being tended to by members of the Coastguard and NI Ambulance Service.

Onboard were mechanic Shane Rice, navigator Niall McMurray and crew members Andrew Lynas, Michael McDowell and Brendan Rooney.

The weather and sea conditions were both fine which allowed for a short passage to the scene with both lifeboats arriving within minutes or the call.

The inshore lifeboat arrived first and the crew assisted RNLI lifeguards and Coastguard to stabilise the casualty. 

It was decided the safest way to transport the man was to take him onboard the inshore lifeboat and then transfer him onto the all-weather lifeboat.

This was was approximately 200m offshore. The casualty was then conveyed back to Newcastle lifeboat station.

At the station the man continued to receive first aid until he was transferred in the care of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service on arrival.

Speaking following the call out, Daniel Curran, Newcastle RNLI Deputy Launching Authority said: “We would like to extend our best wishes to the casualty we looked after today.

“We wish him a speedy recovery and thank our RNLI lifeguards and our colleagues from the Coastguard and ambulance service for what was a great multi-agency response and effort.

“Our volunteer crew are always ready and trained for all types of call outs.

“And they train regularly using various training scenarios where both lifeboats work together.

“Today was a successful operation between our volunteer crew, both those at sea and on shore, our lifeguards who work on Murlough beach and the Coastguard teams.”