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Madden Hopes For A Sinn Féin Seat In Downpatrick
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Jordan Madden (27), the running mate with Oonagh Hanlon the second SinnFéin candidate in Downpatrick, lives in the county town where he has a large family that moved to the area in the early 1980’s amidst the growing conflict in Belfast.

Jordan graduated from Ulster University in 2015 and currently works to support adults with brain injury/disability to source employment, training and community inclusion opportunities. He said: “I have spent my entire career in the health service working in the field of supporting people with disabilities. I am passionate about equality rights and of equal opportunity for all of our citizens.”

Jordan Madden, Downpatrick Sin Féin candidate, right, with Emma Rogan MLA and North Sinn Féin leader Michele O’Neil with Jordan’s running mate, Oonagh Hanlon.

“I fully support the further development of the Downe Hospital and the retention of the services that we do have there, and I support the Down Community Health Committee’s aim to secure a 24/7 A&E back again in Downpatrick. This is a vital service for the community and it needs to be addressed going forward. Mental health services too need to to secured for our area. It is incredible to think that the Downshire estate was once a leading area in mental health provision and training in the North.

“Sinn Féin will provide that strong voice needed to address these critical issues and the next four years will see an increased activism towards improving this inadequate situation in our local health services.”

Jordan has been a political activist from a young age and has given his support to a number of causes such as Acht nGaelige, LGBTQ+ Rights, Disability Equality, Women’s Rights and international solidarity movements by way of canvassing, protest and public demonstrations.

A lot of his free time is also spent engaged with working with locally based charities. He added: “Some of these groups provide much needed services in our town and others carry out vital work in impoverished regions abroad. J

“I am committed to the core republican values of liberty, fraternity and equality, and I promise these will remain the fundamental building blocks of every action I take during my political career.

“At the doors on my canvass I am getting positive feedback that the voters here are seeking real strong representation and I want to play my part in delivering on this,” said Jordan Madden.

South Down MLA Emma Rogan added: ““Downpatrick needs a strong team of Councillors who stand up for local families and deliver for our local community… in Oonagh Hanlon, running with Jordan Madden, I am confident the people of Downpatrick will be well served.”