'LifeScheme' Promotes Good Relations With NIFRS In District

Life Scheme in Down District. Participating in the five-day programme were 14 young people from across the district. One of the scheme’s main aims is to build a better understanding between young people in our community and personnel within the NIFRS. The scheme is physically demanding and includes activity similar to that expected of trainee fire fighters. It focuses on building essential life skills such as team work and the need for personal responsibility, and also helps to develop leadership skills and confidence. Mr Vincent Fulham, Vice Chair of Down District Community Safety Partnership, praised the scheme  and added, “I would firstly like to congratulate the young people on the completion of their life course. I know the week has been intensive and physically draining but having spoken to the participants, they feel the experience has been a positive one. [caption id="attachment_22425" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Pictured are the participants on the Lifescheme run by the Down District Community Safety Partnership and the NIFRS. (Photo  courtesy of DDCSP). "][/caption] “The skills and knowledge gained throughout the week will stay with these young people and benefit them in whatever they choose to do in the future. Some of the participants have actually expressed an interest in the fire service as a result of the experience.” Peter Craig, Chief Fire Officer, said, “It has been my privilege to attend many of the life courses organised and led by NIFRS. I have seen at first hand the excellence of the training, and the enthusiasm of the young people as they so obviously enjoy their five days with NIFRS. These young men and women have been nominated or referred to us by many different agencies and it is good to know from them just how much the trainees have benefited from this unique experience. “The board is pleased that NIFRS has been able to successfully conduct these courses and it is our intention to continue to support many more in the future in co operation with the various agencies who work in partnership with us. “I congratulate all who have completed the demanding course and record our appreciation to those who organise and deliver the scheme, particularly the instructors, mainly wholetime or retained firefighters, for their skill, commitment and dedication.”]]>