Lewis Disgusted At Mess On Tyrella Beach After Party

UUP Slieve Croob Cllr Alan Lewis is angry at the mess left on Tyrella Beach after a party.


UUP Slieve Croob Cllr Alan Lewis is angry at the mess left on Tyrella Beach after a party.

Slieve Croob Ulster Unionist Councillor Alan Lewis has spoken of his ‘disgust’ at seeing a local beauty spot abused. He said that Tyrella beach, maintained by Newry Mourne and Down District Council, was trashed following a late-night drinking spree.

Cllr Lewis added: “Constituents contacted me to advise the area had been left in an awful state following late-night drinking.

“I arrived to find broken bottles, used condoms, rubbish, the remains of a fire and burnt chairs scattered over the sand dunes.

Cllr Alan Lewis at the scene of where visitors to Tyrella beach lit a fire and made a mess with litter and bottles.

“I am deeply disappointed and very angry. Why would someone come to enjoy a place of outstanding natural beauty to then abuse it? A child or animal could have been seriously injured as broken bottles lay sticking out of the sand on the path along the way to the makeshift campsite.

“This year the Council expects to spend upwards of £300,000 upgrading facilities, including the trails and carpark area. And we have submitted plans for an amenity block.

“It is deeply disappointing to see the area mistreated, especially when the council is working hard to provide for the area.

“I have worked tirelessly for these improvements, lobbying for funding to be allocated to the area, and it is frustrating when some are cheeky enough to come along to the beach, enjoy the facilities then leave them in a disgraceful state for anyone who follows. It is childish and unacceptable.”

Cllr Lewis added: “I have asked that the council ensure the gates are locked at night. The area must be secured to prevent anti-social behaviour.

“I’ve also spoken with the local PSNI inspector who has assured me that the area will be given attention.”