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Jim Shannon Says Caring Organisations Provide Valuable Function
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Case in England highlights the fantastic job carried out by Crossroads caring for carers and Homestart says Jim Shannon MP. 

Jim Shannon MP for Strangford has highlighted the “great work done” by those charities who specifically work with carers to help make their life that little bit easier.

dn_screenHe said: “I read of the heartbreaking case on the mainland where the a mother with three disabled children had got to the end of her tether and it would appear that she has taken their lives and this has underlined again the importance of these charities who help carers to get respite, and out of the house when needed.

“The pressures that are faced by carers can be overwhelming and it is essential that they receive support to help them carry out their role. I would ask that if you have someone in your neighbourhood or family who cares for someone in their home that you would take time this week to call in with them and see if there is a small way in which you can help make the burden that little bit lighter.

“I would hate to read of a similar case in my constituency and ask that you would do all in your power to help those who need help and to support the fantastic charities such as Homestart and Crossroads caring for carers who go into local homes and make such a difference. The bible teaching of ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’ is one that has such a ring of truth and one which must be applied in cases like these – we need to help others as we would like to be helped.”