Jim Shannon MP Offers Calming Words To A-Level Students

Shannon Comments On A-Level Education Results


Strangford MP Jim Shannon has congratulated the pupils who achieved well and reminded those who didn’t get what they had expected that there is always a way forward for them.

“Exam time and results time is always stressful for children and their parents and yet this year is something we have never done before and the pressure has been intense on families and schools like never seen.

“It is so very difficult to find a one size fits all way of doing things and I am thankful that the minister has taken the UK wide approach to ensure that our children aren’t left disadvantaged and he is to be congratulated.

“Although this removal of algorithms is great, there will still be children disappointed as they would have hoped that they could have pulled it out of the bags in the exams and are unable to due to coronavirus.

“I always like to remind people that there is always a way of achieving your goal and that when one door shuts, God always has a perfect plan and a way to bring good as well as another open door to go through.

“I have been and will be praying for that good to come to young people throughout the Province who are in unchartered territories and I believe that a way can and will be found.

“I am available for any help and advice that I can give at this time of uncertainty.

“For those who got their place and who are moving forward I offer my sincere congratulations and best wishes – be safe as you move on and may God protect and guide you in all that you do,” said Jim Shannon.