HR Assistant Director Retires After 40 Years

Trust HR Assistant Director retires after 40 years in health and social care service

Trust HR Assistant Director retires after 40 years in health and social care service

After four decades of commitment to Health and Social Care, Noeleen McCreanor has retired from her role as Assistant Director of Human Resources within the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust.

Noleen has worked there for the last thirty years playing a pivotal role, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Noeleen commenced her career in 1983 in Craigavon and Banbridge District before moving to the Royal Group of Hospitals in 1986.

She then moved to the Eastern Health Board in 1989 before taking up a post in Down & Lisburn Trust in 1993.

Noeleen McCreanor pictured in her retirement as Assistant HR Director with Roisin Coulter, Chief Executive of the South Eastern HSC Trust.

Noeleen was appointed to her current post as Assistant Director of Human Resources in 2008.

Since then she has been involved in many major transformation projects in Health & Social Care that have helped shape the Health and Social Care workforce. 

Throughout her career, Noeleen has provided inspiration enabling a culture of excellence and inclusivity.

Reflecting on her career, Noeleen said: “I have had an amazing career as an HR professional within Health and Social Care over the last 40 Years. 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working as an Assistant Director of Human Resources within the Trust.

“Looking back it has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to have worked with so many hard-working and dedicated colleagues.

Noeleen pictured with her family:  Husband Stephen, Son’s Jack & Niall and Daughter Amy

“After 40 years, I am now looking forward to a new chapter in my life. It was a very tough decision to leave the Health and Social Care family”.

Director of People and Organisational Development, Claire Smyth, thanked Noeleen for her years of dedication and commitment.

She said: “Noeleen has devoted her lifetime career to the HR Profession within Health & Social Care. 

Claire Smyth, (Director of People & Organisational Development) with Noeleen

“She is highly respected and her passion for fostering a workplace that values compassion, collaboration and excellence was evident to all who worked with her.

‘This ensured that ‘patients are at the heart of all we do’.

“Noeleen retires after 40 years’ service with the admiration, respect and gratitude of many whose lives she has been part of. 

“I would like to wish Noeleen well in her retirement.”