Hazzard Welcomes Health Committee Focus On Local A&E's

Sinn Féin MLA Chris Hazzard has today welcomed news that the Stormont Health Committee will be investigating the on-going A&E crisis throughout the North.

[caption id="attachment_46509" align="alignright" width="300"]Chris Hazzard MLA has welcomed the intervention of the Stormont Health Committee in issues over local A&E  services. Chris Hazzard MLA has welcomed the intervention of the Stormont Health Committee in issues over local A&E services.[/caption]

Following written submissions from the South Down MLA, the Committee for Health, Social Services and Public Safety decided that they should examine some of the wider factors involved in the provision of A&E services.

Mr Hazzard said: “I am delighted that the Health Committee have decided to shine a light on the current crisis within our local A&Es. In the months ahead the Committee will be taking evidence from all relevant stakeholders, including the Medical & Dental Training Agency.

“As we continue to challenge the South Eastern Trust and the Health Minsiter Edwin Poots on the recent cut to services at the Downe, it is vital that we ourselves do all in our power to explore ways in which services can be restored in future, and with this in mind I believe that this Committee inquiry will prove very valuable.”

Mr Hazzard added: “I have now forwarded details of the inquiry onto our local Down Community Health Committee so that they may hopefully feed directly into events at Stormont, and provide valuable local knowledge and expertise.”


Hazzard Welcomes Emergency Care Review Announced

Chris Hazzard has also  welcomed the setting up of a review into emergency care, which is to be carried out by the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA).The review follows a major incident being declared at the RVH last month in what should have been a routine evening. However, Mr Hazzard said that any review needs to include the Downe Hospital A&E and added: “I welcome this announcement by the Minister into what is going on in Emergency Departments and especially considering what happened in the RVH, Downe and Lagan Valley hospitals over the last few months. “I welcome the fact that the Minister is now recognising that there is a crisis in Emergency Care and that he has finally decided to act before the situation gets worse. “The external experts who are conducting the review into the RVH incident must have a wider remit to examine A&E care across the North. This is crucial as there is a knock on effect in Accident & Emergency rooms due to closure or partial closure of nearby A&E wards “I will be now seeking information from the Minister around the terms of reference for the review and its expected impact on other hospitals.