Foster Comments On Latest Manufacturing Sales And Exports Figures


Provisional figures released for 2012/13 show that total manufacturing sales (domestic and external) increased by 1.9% (£308million) over the year to £16.9billion in current prices.

External sales (to areas outside Northern Ireland) rose by 3.2% (£415million) to £13.3billion. This included increased sales to Great Britain of 6.2% (£477million) to £8.1billion, to the ROI by 5.3% (to £1.3billion) and increased sales to the Rest of the World of 2.0% (to £2.6billion).dn_screen

Commenting on the figures Arlene Foster said: “The latest provisional headline results showing a 3.2% increase in manufacturing sales to customers outside Northern Ireland are encouraging. By this measure we have exceeded the level of the previously recorded peak in external sales activity seen last year. Much of this has been driven by sales to Great Britain, which have reached a record high.

“Exports to the Republic of Ireland also increased over the year and this remains our single largest export market. The value of export sales to the rest of the world have also increased over the period.”

The Minister continued: “Local businesses must capitalise on new sources of investment from around the world. The Executive remains committed to ensuring our local companies are given the best possible opportunity to enter and succeed in international markets.

“The ongoing business mission to Japan by the First Minister and deputy First Minister is a further important opportunity for Northern Ireland to build its trade and investment relationships with one of the world’s largest economies.”