Fly Tippers Blighting Down District


“The rubbish I have seen included household electrical items, kitchen waste, and a whole lot more and it is just a health hazard as well as being extremely unsightly. We have recycling centres and people need to use them. It costs nothing to leave rubbish off there and the staff are always very helpful. [caption id="attachment_19387" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Down District Councillor Eamonn Mac Con Midhe at Lynn Doyle Place in Downpatrick looks over rubbish dumped in the street."][/caption] “There may well be an issue with problems with collections over the bad weather we had at Christmas but there is no excuse for this.” And in Dundrum, another fly-tipping incident has raised hackles in the local community. The Newcastle/Dundrum SDLP Branch has strongly condemned the recent fly-tipping and illegal dumping of building material and household rubbish along Main Street, Dundrum in recent weeks. “The dumping has occured outside the former Castle Vaults building situated between Main Street and Manse Road junction. Newcastle/Dundrum SDLP Chairperson Patrick Clarke said, “In recent weeks there has been illegal dumping of both building material and household waste outside the former Castle Vaults along Main Street, Dundrum.” [caption id="attachment_19405" align="alignright" width="267" caption="SDLP Newcastle/Dundrum branch chairman Patrick Clarke has expressed his concern over a pile of rubbish dumped in the centre of Dundrum on a vacant site."][/caption] “A number of local businesses near the recent illegal fly tipping have contacted me to voice their serious concern as to the environmental health issues relating to the disposing of such material in a public place.” “I have already been in contact with the Environmental Health Department of Down District Council, and registered my concern at the recent illegal dumping of both building material and household waste.  The matter is presently receiving their attention.” “I would strongly urge those people who have any information regarding the recent illegal fly tipping to either contact myself or Down District Council.Dundrum is a beautiful scenic village and the asthetic looks of Dundrum are now being spoiled by people who have no respect for the environment through illegally dumping materials instead of disposing of such material at the local dump, most probably to avoid paying the Council dump fees.”]]>


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