Dundrum River Gets Reprieve From Pipeline Threat


The decision follows a vigorous campaign by both Dundrum Village Association, Dundrum Angling Association and local villagers who were very strongly opposed to NI Water’s recent planning application to run a pipeline from Dundrum Waste Water Treatment plant to discharge overflow storm and sewage water up to the Moneycarragh River. [caption id="attachment_21369" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Patrick Clarke, Chairman of the Dundrum Village Association, has welcomed the letter from the NIEA over the Money Carragh River. "][/caption] Mr Clarke hailed the U- turn decision by NI Water and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency as “a common sense approach in protecting the Moneycarragh River from any form of pollution”. He added, “Following the recent planning application by NI Water seeking to run a pipeline from the Dundrum Waste Water Treatment Works to the Moneycarragh River, I on behalf of Dundrum Village Association made immediate representations to NI Water, NIEA, the Planning Service and Minister for the Environment Mr. Edwin Poots, and the MP for South Down voicing our extreme opposition to the propose pipeline to the Moneycarragh River.” “The very fact that NI Water following a request by NIEA were going to relocate the discharge of overflow storm and sewage water to the Moneycarragh River from Dundrum Waste Water Treatment Works raised serious local concern particularly with local anglers who fish in the popular part of the Moneycarragh River.” “I am very pleased following our representations and clear opposition to any form of discharge being pumped into the Moneycarragh River that both NI Water and NIEA have now reached an agreement that discharge should remain in the existing location with additional storm storage being provided.” The NIEA  had requested the relocation of the overflow storm and sewage water to be pumped to the Moneycarragh River to protect the shellfish in Dundrum Bay as part of the upgrade to Dundrum Waste Water Treatment Works.” “However further upgrading will now be carried out at the Dundrum plant which will provide further and additional storm storage being provided, therefore preventing the relocation of the stormwater discharge to the Moneycarragh river. “This is a very common sense approach now taken by both NI Water and NIEA which will now protect the Moneycarragh River from any form of pollution,” he added.]]>



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