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Donaldson Accuses Alliance Party Of Attempt To Garner Nationalist Votes
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Lagan Valley DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson has said Anna Lo’s comments to the Irish News about favouring a united-Ireland were a deliberate attempt to garner votes from nationalists. 

dn_screenCommenting Mr Donaldson said: “The comments from Anna Lo were not accidental.  They were pre-planned.  The Alliance Party leadership clearly realises that their policy of removing the Union Flag from City Hall has cost them unionist votes and are now trying to compensate by appealing to republicans.  This was a blatant and calculated attempt by the Alliance Party to appeal for votes from nationalists.  It was a strategic decision.  
“The Alliance Party often lectures others about ‘sectarian’ and ‘head-count’ politics but it is now adopting a similar approach.  This tactic is designed to counteract lost unionist votes.
“It is high time we knew where other Alliance representatives stand on the Union.  Do the rest of the Alliance’s elected representatives believe Northern Ireland is artificial? Do they favour a united-Ireland in the long-term? Whilst Anna has been honest about her position on the Union, Stephen Farry, an Alliance Minister opted not to give a straight answer when asked in media interviews. Let’s be having some more honesty on this subject,”  added Mr Donaldson.