Devlin Expresses Concern Over Downe A&E Impasse


Mournes Councillor Laura Devlin has expressed her deep concern about the delivery of the Accident and Emergency services at the Downe Hospital in Downpatrick.

dn_screenShe said, ”Six months on from when the 27/7 service was cut, we still find ourselves in a situation with a substandard service at Downe’s Accident and Emergency unit.

“All elected representatives who were present at the full Council meeting in the Down Civic Centre back on 23 December were led to believe that this was a short-term fix to a difficult situation arising from the lack of suitably qualified doctors.

“What exactly has the Trust been doing to rectify this situation over the past six months?

“As a Councillor for the Mournes, I not only have concerns for the local population but I am further concerned for those who flock to the seaside town in their thousands over the summer months. With tourism being a major economic driver what message are we sending out to the tourists themselves and to investors in tourism? This matter needs to be addresses urgently.”