Deer Are Road Danger Says Councillor Willie Clarke


NEWCASTLE Sinn Fein Councillor Willie Clarke has requested DOE Roads Service to install deer warning signs to improve road safety at the Blue Quarry area of the Ballagh Road beside the A2 Newcastle to Kilkeel Rd.

Councillor Clarke said: “It will only be a matter of time before there is a fatality or someone is seriously injured at this location, unless concerns around safety are addressed.”

Speaking following the issue being raised by a local constituent who narrowly avoided crashing their car after swerving to avoid a stag Deer, Councillor Clarke added: 

“I am calling for action before a horrific accident happens. This is a very fast stretch of road, with a heavy volume of traffic. There have previously been serious accidents and a number of near misses at this location.

“This location is well known for deer wandering onto the Road from the nearby forest and it is extremely dangerous given the narrowness of the thoroughfare compounded by the speed along this stretch of road, the consequences could be horrendous. The installation of a couple of signs could save lives by warning drivers about the presence of deer at this location.”


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