Carmel Tumelty Celebrates Big Anniversary With Asda

Carmel Tumelty from Asda Downpatrick, along with 15 other colleagues from across Asda’s Northern Ireland store network, will join over 1,000 of her UK counterparts at the supermarket’s ‘Big Anniversary’ Awards this week in Doncaster. Carmel has served an impressive 25 years with the supermarket.

The celebratory event recognises those who have worked with Asda for 25, 30, 40 and 45 years and will coincide with Asda’s 50th Anniversary – making it a double celebration for all involved.

Asda Westwood has been identified as the store with the longest-serving colleagues in Northern Ireland for the supermarket – having a combined total of 175 years.

George Rankin, Senior Director for Asda NI added: “Congratulations to all of our great colleagues being recognised at our Big Anniversary event. Each has demonstrated their loyalty, hard work and dedication to the business – qualities which set them apart and makes Asda such a great place to shop. Each individual embodies Asda to a tee and it’s brilliant that their achievements will be celebrated at this fantastic occasion!”

[caption id="attachment_57690" align="aligncenter" width="540"]Carmel Tumelty celebrates 25 years working with ASDA in Downpatrick. Carmel Tumelty celebrates 25 years working with ASDA in Downpatrick.[/caption]