Burns Concerned At Speeding In Clanvaraghan

SINN Féin Assembly candidate Councillor Willie Clarke has called for the gate which links the Dunwellan Park, Beech Field and Elm Grove estates in Newcastle to be locked at night. Councillor Clarke made his comments after residents in the area complained about anti-social that was affecting all of these residential areas and having visited the scene where a number of windows were broken last week. He  said, “There is considerable anger in the community about the current situation and the fact that the access across the bridge is being used as an escape route after carrying out attacks on people and their property. “The introduction of gates that are locked after dark would reduce the rising number of crime related incidents in the area, and following discussions with the police and the Chairperson of the Down Community Safety Partnership, Councillor Mickey Coogan, I have asked that this request is tabled at a future meeting of the Partnership. “I know that many residents are in support of this measure and some are willing to open and shut the gate as I am aware that people use the access to walk their dogs in the Islands Park at night. With a little pre-planning this can be accommodated by the Dunwellan Community Group and other responsible residents who could be designated key holders.”]]>