Bailie Welcomes Strangford Road Safety Measures

Sinn Fein Councillor Naomi Bailie has welcomed a series of road traffic safety measures at Strangford Road Downpatrick.

Councillor Naomi Bailie on the Strangford Road.
Councillor Naomi Bailie on the Strangford Road.

The site which is an accident hotspot recently claimed the life of a young driver. In recent months there have been numerous other accidents reported at the site.

Councillor Bailie who called for the safety measures as a matter of urgency some months ago, said: “I’m pleased to see common sense prevail and that Transport NI have approved my request to have these measures put in place. This corner is extremely dangerous, particularly in the winter months when road conditions deteriorate. I have come across numerous accidents at the site in the last year and the last thing we want is another fatality here.

“I welcome the election of new reflective lighting but I have written to Transport NI to further request the erection of a crash barrier and enhanced road markings.

“The ditch at this corner sweeps into a bog at both sides of the road. On many occasions where there have been crashes, vehicles have ended up stuck in the bog, creating further difficulties for drivers trying to safely evacuate their vehicles and later recover them.

“A crash barrier is desperately needed here to further protect the lives of road users at this dangerous spot.”