Bailie Seeks Traffic Safety Measures at Saul Primary School


Downpatrick Sinn Féin candidate Naomi Bailie has said that the current level of traffic calming in the vicinity of St. Patrick’s Primary School Saul is inadequate.

Speaking following a recent consultation evening where residents presented recommendations for insertion into the Saul Raholp Village Plan, Miss Bailie said Roads Service need to deliver enhanced safety measures in the area to ensure the welfare of pupils at the school and road users. dn_screen

She commented: “A number of residents have approached me to raise concern about the lack of road safety measures in the vicinity of St. Patrick’s Primary School Saul. The school is situated in a built up hamlet area where heavy through traffic are at times driving with excessive speed.

“I have asked Roads Service to detail what measures are currently in place to ensure the route qualifies as a Safe Route to School. I firmly believe that flashing signage would greatly improve driver’s awareness of the existence of the school and in doing so help with pedestrian safety. I would like to see the extension of the 30mile per hour zone which at the minute doesn’t cover some problem areas where speeding occurs.

“I have also requested that the department consider the completion of a traffic assessment of the St. Patricks Road area to ascertain if additional measures are needed to ensure the wider safety of drivers, pedestrians and school children.”