Alliance Listens To Crossgar Congestion Issues

Alliance Meets with Crossgar Residents to Discuss Congestion Issues

Alliance Meets with Crossgar Residents to Discuss Congestion Issues

Alliance MLA Patrick Brown and Rowallane councillors Tierna Kelly and David Lee-Surginor met with Crossgar residents along with representatives from Newry Mourne and Down District Council and the Department for Infrastructure to discuss congestion in Lislea Drive, Crossgar.

Congestion in Lislea Drive has been an issue for many years.

Cars are often parked on footpaths or at the corner of this quiet residential area.

This has created road safety concerns for children and adults using the footpath and trying to cross the road.

Residents mentioned that the parking on Lislea Drive allowed only one car to pass during busy periods and larger vehicles such as ambulances could not access residents’ homes at all.

his has led to heavy congestion and major worry for local residents.

Patrick Brown MLA said: “Meeting with residents was an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns directly with council and DFI officials.

Patrick Brown MLA and Cllrs Tierna Kelly and David Lee-Surginor pictured alongside local residents of Lislea Drive, Crossgar.

“A number of solutions were proposed including widening the road to create a layby to allow two cars to pass, install bollards along the corner or introduce yellow lines.

“Widening the road is perhaps the most pragmatic approach to addressing the problem, with yellow lines having been ruled out previously when I was a councillor, and bollards unlikely to address the congestion issues.”

Cllr Tierna Kelly said: “Ensuring residents and emergency vehicles can easily access homes in Lislea drive is the priority.

“We need to bring solutions to discourage cars from parking dangerously on pavements and blocking residents from going in and out of their houses.

“I will be working alongside my Alliance colleagues to bring an appropriate solution through council, such as looking at widening the route to improve traffic flow, in the coming weeks ahead.

Cllr Lee-Surginor also said: “It is important to ensure road safety in quiet residential areas.

“Many families and children use the playpark and green area at Lislea Playing fields.

“I would urge any visitors to Lislea to be respectful to residents to ensure everyone is safe and to prevent accidents.”