Alliance Candidate Clarke Urges Electorate To Vote

The Tipping Point’, ‘Small changes in our own lives can very quickly lead to big changes in society’. “Change can only happen in the present. If not now – when? If not me – who? “So make a note – change your vote! Make your mark for Patrick Clarke and before your ‘tiffin’ – vote David Griffin!” A Shared future? “Do you really want a future in which we all share? Some others jumped on this bandwagon, but only Alliance candidates can be guaranteed to deliver sharing to all the communities. How can you rely on candidates from parties who look mainly to one section of the community or the other to deliver sharing for all? “Just forget Orange and Green and consider voting yellow for Alliance! While I would urge you to vote for Alliance, the Party leading Change, above all  I would say go and  VOTE!” he said.]]>